COMMUNIQUÉ (March 2013)

Temporary Private Sky Lounge V33 Milan.

From 22 March daily rendezvous with DJ SET and Happy Hours with Sergio Fracchia’s concept


Altitalia and its founder Sergio Fracchia invent the customer experience in the real estate field. In Milan, at 33 Via Volturno, a new Temporary Private Sky Lounge V33 is born – it is a unique event in this field. 


At the beginning, the architectural genius Vudafieri and Saverino gives a form to originality with the project V33, then Hobag choose to invest in this project and finally the director of Altitalia Real Estate believe in the idea to live an avant-garde luxury; he personally choose its partners: Chateau d’Ax ans Easydom, for the union of the manufacturer skills and domotic equipment to let you better live in our friendly spaces; Thechnogym for always keeping fit and Samsung.A perfect home for living without compromises.


Many excellent ideas and common partners’ collaboration have allowed realizing this skyscraper in Garibaldi area. And finally, it is a pity to lose the opportunity to live in avant-première the experience of magical view in a new Milan centre. Sergio Fracchia has no doubts, and from 22 March only a few lucky clients could say ‘I was there!’, on 13th floor of the new Temporary Private Sky Lounge V33, a space decorated by Deco Flamme Live Production, synonym of quality and taste of unique events.

Altitalia Real Estate offers you the dazzle luxury which makes dreams come true and a possibility for its best clients to live it -  this is the most important idea of its founder Sergio Fracchia.

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